School is where we send our kids to study and expect them to be safe from physical and mental tortures , but is that the case ? are they safe ?it’s important to understand and evaluate your child’s well being during the time he spends at school . Check if the signs listed here apply your child? If so, your child could be experiencing bullying. Most children who are being bullied at school do not let their parents know or ask for help as they may fear the bully so much or sometimes do not even understand they can get help with it , so it’s important to know the warning signs.

  • Recurring unexplained injuries – when the child is coming home frequently with injuries but when asked he cannot explain what happened or his explanations do not make much sense .He also may not want to talk about them just try to divert your attention away , this sure is a sign you need to take action .

  • Damaged or lost belongings -If he keeps coming back home with a torn shirt , a broken shoe or a lost tie , his pencil box lost , books damaged , pages torn from books and you can swear he wont do it himself he isn’t mischievous . Time to go check with his teachers or try to talk to his friends to find out whats going on before it causes major damage .
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  • Falling sick or faking sickness – to avoid going to school sometimes children give various excuses , but if its too frequent then parents should check for reasons other than actual illness ,it could be that they are scared of bullies at school or some other issues making them make these excuses . however sometimes child maybe really sick too , so fast and accurate action needs to be taken
  • Changed eating Habit -If your child starts to skip meals , or eats way too much more then you know he is capable of (binge eating), sometimes your child is very hungry when back home from school as they didn’t have lunch but the lunch is not there in lunch box!!

  • Nightmares or other sleeping problems – Frequently having nightmares or having other difficulty sleeping, Being bullied in childhood can increase the risk of anxiety, depression and mental health issues. Now, children who are bullied between the ages of 8 and 10 are more likely to experience sleepwalking, night terrors or nightmares at the age of 12. Bullying is distressing for children, and victims display long-term social, psychological, and health consequences,
  • Afraid of going to school- Not wanting to go to school or ride the bus, losing interest in schoolwork, or getting worse grades than usual .Some children say they have worried about going back to school after a holiday or half term because of bullying ,many were picked on because of their academic ability. Young people spend many hours of their lives in full education. School should be safe and free from bullying .

Meanwhile 39 per cent of victims said it affected their school grades, and 38 per cent said it lowered their attendance. Just over half said bullying made them less likely to put their hand up in class.

  • Bullying younger or weaker siblings or kids -sometimes a bullied kid starts to mimic what is happening to him , he is target those younger or weaker as compared to self , this makes them easy target , this is also a sign that your child is being bullied even though he doesn’t speak about it . If your children react to one another in aggressive ways including hitting and pushing you need to tell them that aggressive and mean behavior will not be tolerated. also ask them where this is coming from , if you are kind in your questioning , chances are that you will get the right answer!
  • Being Sad all the time , having low self esteem – some children may feel sad or depressed all the time , attempt to run away from home or hurt themselves knowingly , these are all big signs that the child is being bullied

There may also be a lot more signs , however for now we will conclude this post , its not a very pleasant post but it will be surely useful to parents whose kids are small or even teenagers . Prevention they say is better than cure!

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