How to start a risk free blog in 7 simple steps 2019 - blogitwitharchana

Want to know how to start a blog, Correct? It’s actually very easy. So, Let me guide you step by step through these 7 simple steps to start your very own successful blog today and that too completely risk free.

How to start a risk free blog in 7 simple steps 2019 - blogitwitharchana

Starting is the hardest part and that’s the reason i am here to guide and encourage you to just go for it today and get your self a hosting, domain and start with it.

but here’s the deal,

You can’t give up on it. That is if you want to EARN from it, you cannot give up after writting a few blog posts, it won’t work at all.

You will need to have a lot of patience and need to keep up with the blog posts atleast weekly. Now, many of you have a particular question in mind about blogging. That question is, “Is it too late to start a blog in 2019?”.

No, It’s never too late to start a blog. Actually, it’s the best time to start a blog but there’s one thing and,

That one thing is that i will not be able to guarantee your success at all. Actually, no one can. It all depends on you and your dedication towards your choosen topic.

After reading this article, i can guarantee you one thing. That you will have enough knowledge to start your own blog today from scratch.

I will try to keep this article as short and informative as possible, so that you all can easily understand. Now, if you don’t know where to start. Don’t worry,

These are the steps below, please follow them step by step to ensure that you start your blog successfully!

  1. Think of a niche you want to blog on.
  2. Think of a blog name that fits your niche.
  3. Buy a domain and web hosting.
  4. Set up your blog and get it online.
  5. Choose a perfect theme for your blog.
  6. Essential plugins that should be on your blog.
  7. How to find topics and images for your blog?

Take a deep breath and begin with step 1,

1. Think of a niche you want to blog on.

This is the first and hardest step in your blogging journey. Don’t worry, think of the most interesting thing that you like and can talk on daily.

What is that one thing that you can talk on daily without getting bored? Take 2 mins and think on it.

Take a pen, paper and write down everything you love and is passionate about. Now, narrow it down to 2-5 topics.

Penpaper - how to start a blog in 7 steps - blogit with archana

Ask yourself, can you solve or identify problems based on that topic? If it’s a yes on one topic, then you got yourself the perfect niche.

Let’s say if you got “Yes” on 2-3 topics, then start a blog on all of these topics and see which one gets most attraction and then limit to that topic later.

2. Think of a blog name that fits your niche.

Now, think of a blog name that fits your niche that you just choose in step 1.

thinking - how to start a blog in 7 steps - blogit with archana

Try to choose a name that has the words of the niche in your blog name. Example: if you want to start a blog on “fashion”, try to incorporate the name fashion in the blog name, like – “” or use your name in it.. like if your name is john.. try – “”

If you still can’t think about the name for your blog then try a weird name. Let’s take example of Google, Nike, Adidas & Sony. They don’t have the perfect meaning but they are still doing good.

Now, let’s move on to step 3!

3. Buy a domain and web hosting.

Now, you need to buy a domain and web hosting to host your blog on.

The best web hosting out there is without a doubt “BlueHost” and they are officially recommended by WordPress themself.

And the best domain provider according to me is “Google Domains”. Why? well, because.. they are google. We trust them daily with all of our important searches. Why not trust them with hosting our domains.

Tip: Try to keep domain and web hosting on different providers. Like buy domain on “google domains” and buy hosting on “bluehost”.

I will show you how to sign up for both the hosting and domain.. step by step.

If you are ready, let’s begin!

First let’s buy your domain,

so goto google domains by searching in your google -> “Google Domains” or by typing in url -> “”

Type in the url of the domain name that you want to register for.. once you search it.. you will get a lot of suggestions for your domain name. Like .org, .com, .in etc..

Google Domains Setup - Blog It With Archana - How to Start a blog in 7 steps risk free

You will see that some of the domain name ext are taken like .com etc. If that’s the case then try something different or you can also take the .net domain but a .com domain should always be your first priority.

So, once you see that your domain name is there and available.. you will see the cart icon to purchase that domain. Press on the cart icon and it will add that domain to your cart.

Google domains setup - add cart - Blogitwitharchana - how to start a blog in 7 steps risk free

Next, goto cart..

Google domains setup - add cart done - Blogitwitharchana - how to start a blog in 7 steps risk free

Here, keep the “domain privacy” on.. it has no fees.. Yes, no fees at all to keep your domain privacy. There are soo many other big domain companies that have a fee to enable the “domain privacy” on your domain.

Oh, some you maybe wondering.. what is domain privacy? In simple words, all your information like address, name, phone number etc.. will be changed to something else for the end user. Domain privacy is very important as it will help you to keep away all the spam calls.

So, keep the privacy protection on and if possible try to keep the Auto Renew on too. If you forgot to renew the domain, Google domains will automatically renew it for you.

Google domains setup - checkout page - Blogitwitharchana - how to start a blog in 7 steps risk free

Now, press on checkout and you will be taken to this page,

Google domains setup - info page - Blogitwitharchana - how to start a blog in 7 steps risk free

Fill in all your details here.. name, address, pin code etc and then scroll down,

Google domains setup - info page 2 - Blogitwitharchana - how to start a blog in 7 steps risk free

No need to tick “Email Communication” as it’s optional and that’s upto you if you need those offers tips etc. I generally like to keep them off.

Anyway, click on “Save & Continue” and scroll down,

Google domains setup - payment page - Blogitwitharchana - how to start a blog in 7 steps risk free

Now, you will be in the review purchase area like in the picture above. Just click “BUY” and it will process it. If you had not already put the debit/credit card.. it will ask you for it and you will have to provide that information. Once, it’s all done. You will get a confirmation message.

That’s it. Wasn’t it easy?

You got your very own domain, congratulations!

Now, let’s buy web hosting from “BlueHost”,

Press the banner below to sign up for a bluehost account at amazing discount, (Pssst, if you signup with my banner link below. It will help me!)

Once you click the banner above, you will be taken to the landing page to sign up for your web hosting account..

Bluehost signup page - blogitwitharchana - how to start a blog risk free

Click on “get started” button like in the pic above and you will be taken to the “select your plan” page,

bluehost Select page - blogitwitharchana - how to start a risk free blog

Next, i would suggest.. if you are just starting out in blogging. Get the basic pack and it should be enough for your blogging needs. Later you will need to switch to a bigger plan as the traffic grows.

So, press on the “select” button and you will be taken to the “sign up now” page,

Bluehost setup 3 - blogitiwtharchana - how to start a risk free blog

If you already got the domain from “Google Domains”, then type in your bought domain in the “I have a domain name” box and press “Next”.

bluehost info page - how to start a risk free blog in 7 steps - blogitwitharchana

You will be now on the “create your account” page. You can then type in all the information to create your account or just press on “Sign in with Google” button . Scroll down to the end of the page.. here you need to enter your credit/debit card information,

blogitwitharchana - blue host payment page - how to start a risk free blog in 7 steps

Make sure to select *i have read and agree…* before clicking on submit button. Once paid you will get a confirmation page and a email sent to provide you with all the details for your account etc..

So, you got your hosting ready as well. Good job!

Disclaimer: If you sign up for bluehost with the sign up banner link i provided. I will recieve a small fee that will help me to share these awesome blogging tips with you.

So, you got your domain and web hosting. That’s great. Congratulations!

Next step is to setup your blog and get it live.

4. Setup your blog and get it live.

Now, let’s setup your blog and get it live. How?

You got two ways,

You can setup your blog manually or automatically.

Bluehost contains automatic way to install your WordPress too but we will learn the manual way!

So, before anything.. let’s first point your domain to the hosting account. How? Goto your purchased domain on “Google Domains” and press on the my domains tab and then you will have all your domains listed..

from here select “Manage”,

Now, once you are in the manage area.. click on the “DNS” tab and then select “use custom name servers”,

Here, you need to type in the name servers for your purchased hosting provider. So, for bluehost nameservers are -> “” and “” in the fields and press “Save”.

Blogitwitharchana - Google domains setup 2

Once, it’s done. Your domain will be pointed to the hosting account you purchased.

Note: It will take upto 48-72 hours for the changes to take effect. Sometimes it’s faster.. like in 2-3 hours.

Next, goto WordPress official site and click on “Get WordPress”. Download the latest files from there. Once downloaded, you will get a .zip file.


Now, goto your web hosting account and click on cpanel. Scroll down to the files tab, open it and then click on file manager,

bluehost file manager - blotiwitharchana - how to start a risk free blog in 7 steps

A “file manager settings” popup will appear, you will need to select “Document Root For” or “Web Root” and then press on submit.

bluehost setup - blogitwitharchana - how to start a risk free blog in 7 steps

Now, in the sidebar, find “public_html” folder,

cpanel Area - blogitwitharchana - how to start a risk free blog in 7 steps

Once you are in the “public_html” folder. Click on “Upload file” in the top bar of file manager and then drag and drop or click on select files and upload the .zip file you just downloaded from wordpress to here,

cpanel upload - blogitwitharchana - how to start a risk free blog in 7 steps

Now, unzip the file and you will get a lot of files in there. Don’t panic!

Some examples of the extracted files include: wpadmin, wpcontent and more..

Before we install WordPress on your hosting account, let’s setup your database and assign a user to that database. Why? Because without the database, you cannot install the wordpress.

The database is the heart of your website. Keep it safe!

Goto cpanel again and find “Databases”. Click on it and you will taken to the “Create new database” page. Here, in the create database text field > write in the name that you would like for your database. Press on “Create Database” button!

Next, scroll down and find “My SQL Users”. under the add new users text you will see three text fields.. username, password and confirm password. Fill them all in and press on “Create User”.

Next, you need to find “Add User To Database” text. Below this text you will see two drop downs, named as “User” and “Database”. So, select the user that you just created from the drop down and also the database you want to put it to and press “Add”,

Now, you will have to tick the “All Privileges” checkbox and it will tick all the options in the table, will give all powers to the user we created (create, alter, delete, update etc). Oh, don’t forget to press on “Make changes”.

That’s it, your user is now created and assigned to the database.

Tip: Write the username and password down on a notepad for your use later.

Now, the fun part begins. Let’s install the WordPress on your domain. You will have to open up a new tab and enter the domain url that you bought. Example.. our domain is -> ””.

You will be taken to the “Wordpress Welcome Page”,

Select “English” as the language and click on “Continue”.

You will be taken to the database connection page. Click on “Let’s Go!”,

Type in the database name, username and password that you just created while creating the database mysql user. Leave the database host as it is at “localhost”. 

Don’t forget to change the table prefix to something different than “wp_”.Example -> “wholetdogsout_” or “startablog_” and a good idea is to make it short  like “wds_” or “sab_” but you maybe wondering,

“Why should i change table prefix?” and that’s a very good question. Basically the reason behind it is that if you choose to continue with the default table prefix, there are going to be increased chances of your site being hacked. 

Note: If you forgot to change table prefix and already installed wordpress on your hosting account. There is still hope. There are some ways to change the table prefix.. check out this article by cloudways that explains it in detail -> How To Change Table Prefix

Next, if connection is made.. you will be taken to the welcome page of the installation. Here, you have to enter information related to your site. Write the username and password that you will be using for your site.

Write in the site title of your blog, username and password you will use to login to your dashboard and the email that you will use for your blog and then untick the “Discourage search engines from indexing this site”.

Tip: Always choose a strong password manually and not the auto generated one that WordPress installation provides you.

If all done successfully, you will get a success page or a “Alright Sparky” page. That means you are done with your wordpress install. Next, you can proceed by clicking on “Login”.

Congratulations, you have successfully installed WordPress on your domain. You will be then taken to the first page of your blog that will look something like this,

5. Choose a perfect theme for your blog.

So, you got to the 5th step.. that’s awesome! Pat your back!

Now, we need to choose a perfect theme that matches your blog..

There are many FREE & PAID themes out there. Finding a good FREE theme is much easier today then before. (I will write a post on best free & paid themes soon, will update link here for it)

I would suggest you start with paid theme, that is if you have no knowledge of CSS etc.

A good place to find a paid theme would be themeforest,

You will need to invest atleast 50$ in a good paid theme that has all sorts of customizability to keep your blogging journey at ease. One theme that comes to my mind that is awesome is “X Theme” you can try that.

So, once you got your theme downloaded. All you have to do is install it in your website. You can do this in two ways,

*Install via the inbuilt WordPress theme installer -> appearance -> themes -> press on add new -> press on upload theme..


*Goto file manager -> browse to your wordpress installed directory -> click on wp_content -> click on themes -> upload the theme zipped file -> unzip the theme file here.

Once you have the theme uploaded, you can goto appearance -> themes and here you will find the theme that you just uploaded. All you have to do is click on the activate button to enable that theme for your blog.

Awesome, you got your first theme installed on your new blog. Refresh the site and see your new theme in action!

6. Essential plugins that should be on your blog.

These are some the most essential plugins that should be on your new blog. They are in no shape or form necessary at all.

Ofcourse, if you bought a paid theme. Most of these features in these plugins below are integrated in it..

Let’s start with SEO, you need to have a SEO plugin. The most famous one of them all and the one and only plugin you will ever need to keep your SEO right is “Yoast SEO”.

Next, you would need a subscription form plugin that captures your users email. You can try the “WP Subscribe” plugin by “MyThemeShop” that is what I use at my blog.

Now, you would also need a social share plugin. You can try out the “Social Warfare” plugin that is completely FREE. I have this plugin installed on my blog. See the social share buttons on start and end of the blog. Oh, also share this article to your friends and family.. who want to learn how to start a blog!!

You should also have the “One Signal Push Notifications” plugin that helps you with push notifications. It’s very easy to setup and the service is completely FREE as well.

Last plugin that i would personally recommend is to have is “WPS Hide Login”. This plugin helps to hide your wpadmin and wplogin pages from hackers sight!

Remember to not go overboard with these plugins. I know it feels like you are in a candy store and you got all these candies you can try out and you are drooling to try them all out but don’t. You should have the least amount of plugins as possible for your blog as a beginner.

If you have a lot of poorly optimized plugins on your blog, it will start to lag. Most of the times, just one plugin can start a conflict with another plugin and show you a “500 error”.

That can be a terrifying thing to a new blogger and you as a beginner, don’t want to face that issue.

7. How to find topics and images for your blog?

This is the last step in our “How To Start A Risk Free Blog In 7 Simple Steps 2019 Guide”.

Let’s see.. where to get the inspiration to write your first blog post? You can try pinterest, it’s the best source to get inspration on the topics of your selected niche.

Actually, it’s the best source to get traffic too.

Also, try using some of these words in your blog titles like “awesome”, “irresistible” etc.. to get your readers attention. Try to keep the title of your blog post under 75 words as well.

Now, let’s move on with “how to find FREE images for your blog posts?” I am sure most of you new bloggers have this question in mind..

What if i tell you there are atleast 2 or more stock photo sites that provides you FREE stock photos and that too feels like of premium quality. The only downside of these FREE stock photo sites is, you don’t get a lot of options.

So, one of them is a site called Unplash.. you can check all the stock photos they have.

Another one of them is.. Pixabay.. they have a very good collection of free stock photos. You will love them as well.

You can use a very good and easy FREE tool called Canva to make your social media banners (pinterest, facebook etc..) or just your blog post featured image.

Oh and also, try to break the posts in different sections. Noone wants to read a block of text. Example of what i mean,

If i write like this you will not like to read this full paragraph as it’s going on and on forever and you will not like to read soo many lines of text and it will confuse you. Most probably you are already confused seeing soo many lines of text. For the sake of representing this thing, let me type a bit more text here. See, it’s just getting bigger and bigger and no breaks in between. I am sure you are getting bored by now. Are you? Hmm.. If not let me write a bit more . Okay, let me stop now.

Basically, you got the point!

So, what you learned in step 7 is.. how to find topics for your blog and where to find images for your blog.

Next, write your blog post and publish it and then start your focus on marketing it as fast as possible.

Remember, stay focused on one social media platform for marketing that works for you. Be it instagram, pinterest or anything.

Wrapping Up

And that wraps it up.. you now have the full knowledge on how to install WordPress… What are those essential plugins that you need.. where to find amazing blog topics.. where to get awesome free images for your posts and you are all set to publish your first blog post.

Listen, Step 7 is not the end.. it’s the beginning. So, Go ahead write one post yourself and publish it today and share with everyone!

If you did start from step 1 and finish it to step 6, do let me know in the comments. I would also love to help you all with your blogging related questions. So, don’t feel shy to comment!

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